Sliding Gate Motors

Electromechanical for Residential and Industrial Use.

The sliding gate is the perfect solution for optimising space, where there is not enough room for the use of swing gates.

V2 automation systems are customised according to the weight and size of the gate, so as to withstand use over time and frequency of operation in any weather conditions.

All versions

  • Built-in digital control unit
  • Programming using 3 program buttons and display
  • Automatic self-learning of opening and closing times
  • Electronic magnetic limit switches, all accurate and reliable over time
  • Obstacle detection
  • Accurate and safe operation with encoder
  • Synchronized operation of two motors using the SYNCRO module

24V versions

  • Work with solar power using the ECO-LOGIC system
  • Operation in case of absence of power using  the B-PACK backup battery
  • Transformer easy to remove
  • Programmable acceleration and deceleration

Kit Contents Include

  • 1 motor (ALFARISS / AYROS / FORTECO)
  • 2 transmitters PHOX2
  • 1 receiver module MR2



24V irreversible electromechanical rack actuator motor reducer for residential sliding gates weighing up to 300kg.


Irreversible electromechanical rack actuator motor reducer for residential and industrial sliding gates weighing up to 1200kg.

Available in two versions:24V and 230V.


230V irreversible electromechanical rack actuator motor reducer.

For industrial sliding gates weighing up to 2500kg.


Our work isn’t finished when fabrication is complete. When your gate or fence is ready for installation we’ll arrange for an expert from our nationwide network of skilled and reliable installers. Walking through your new gate or past your new fence, you’ll know every element of construction and installation has been undertaken with nothing but quality.


Using Urban Group for off the shelf fencing products and custom manufactured gates has been a breeze from start to finish. Urban have been a great support and really have helped our business with quick turnarounds and top quality product. They listen with regards to new innovative ideas and welcome the opportunity to look at concepts that may be a little out of the ordinary. All round a great company with great values.

Dan Wright, Get Gates & Fence It - Auckland

Urban Group have an extensive range of fencing and gate options as well as the ability to make design out of the ordinary! Their friendly and helpful team are great to work with –their response time to my enquiries is very quick, which helps with increasing efficiencies in our business.

Tracey Parkes, Tanner Fencing – Auckland