Assure HD and Secura climb the hills of NZ


The success of our raking panel range in recent times has shown how this strong, stylish fencing is ‘king of the hill’ in New Zealand.


We live in a rugged country with lots of ups and downs. That’s why the placement of fences on steep, hilly sections is just a fact of life for many designers and installers.


The development of our raking range has ensured these companies can ‘rise to the occasion’. We’re now offering even more options for angled fencing design and two panels in particular, the Assure HD and the Secura, are proving popular choices.


Capable of rising up at a 20-degree angle (or dropping down, depending how you look it), these two panels are ideal when it comes to hilly section boundary fencing. As posts can be plumb with the rails mounted at an angle the overall look of the fence following the incline of the hill is certainly pleasing to the eye.


It’s not just good looks either – by keeping a consistent gap between the ground and the bottom rail security is increased on hilly section. Pets and small children can’t easily slip in or out.


They’re easy to install too. The ready-to-go fence panels can arrive on site and be installed and up and working quickly and confidently. What has always been a bit of a challenge for fencing companies is now straightforward. Yes, these panels make a molehill out of a mountain.


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