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At the bottom of the North Island the famous red and white lighthouse at Cape Palliser draws crowds of international and local visitors each year. The stunning location and spectacular vista is certainly memorable. However until recently the fencing wasn’t up to a similarly high standard. 

Sitting on a rocky outcrop overlooking the surrounding coastline, the lighthouse is one of those ‘worth the journey’ destinations. Owned and operated by Maritime New Zealand, the base of the lighthouse is reached via a staircase of 258 steps ascending up a 58 metre-high cliff.

From there the views are stunning – with many an excited selfie being taken by those who’ve conquered the steps. What wasn’t so eye-catching was the rusted chain-link fence surrounding the lighthouse. With sharp drops on many sides safety was also an issue, and the harsh salt air had degraded the fence over time.

Maritime NZ contacted Erecta Fence in the Wairarapa who in turn scoped the project and recommended the Duo fencing panel from Urban Group.

The two companies worked closely together to ensure the duo fencing panel was fit for purpose and capable of handling everything the coastal environment could throw at it. The fence also needed to be easily transportable as, due to the accessibility issues, it had to moved to the site via helicopter.

“It’s probably one of the most photographed fences in New Zealand,” says Urban Group Sales and Marketing Manager Ferguson Stewart. “And the old fence was certainly not doing our international reputation any favours!”

“The new fence looks so much better. It does the job protecting visitors while also making the lighthouse look better in the process. The installation team did a great job.”

The fence at Cape Palliser has now gone from a photo-bomb into a photo-win.


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