There’s no mystery to V2’s success – it’s an open and shut case


After acquiring Natrona’s in the second half of 2018 we’re happy to report increased interest (and use) of their leading V2 innovative automation technology.


V2 is proving more and more popular with residential and commercial customers throughout New Zealand with good reason. First there’s the obvious technical strength within the Italian engineering, which is backed by a 30-month warranty from the date of installation.


Then there’s the servicing confidence, with the range backed by onsite technical assistance nationwide as required. The wide range of applications is also a big reason for the brands popularity. There’s a number of swing and sliding gate units, as well as garage door motors and barrier units, with a huge number of residential, industrial and commercial security gate and barrier automation options.


Most of all it’s the simple effectiveness and peace of mind that comes with the technology. Busy lives demand efficiency in action. V2 delivers this efficiency in spades. These well-designed and powerful units open the way for everyday ease and security. 


If you’d like to know more either email or stop by one of our branches to find out more.