Earlier in 2018 the new bus station opened to considerable fanfare and acclaim. Winning the sole prize in the Public Architecture category at the NZIA’s Auckland Architecture Awards was appropriate recognition for a building that impressed the masses upon opening.

Of course, many such projects look extra shiny in the spotlight. However it is when the hype dies down and the facility is required to operate with day-to-day challenges that the true test appears.

After half a year in operation it’s safe to say the Manukau Bus Station is passing this test with confidence and style. The functionality, versatility and sheer usability of this space is second to none. The $49 million investment looks worth every cent.

Tragedies occur all too frequently when it comes to buses and pedestrians. Keeping the bustling crowds safe from the tonnes of moving equipment within the 23-bay bus station required a fencing solution with the highest standards of security. This fencing also needed to do its job without diminishing the impact of the building’s design aesthetic.

Urban Group worked closely with Town & Around Fence & Gate to present a range of options to the architect and client. In the end the Assure fencing was chosen as it reflected good value for money while being robust enough to ensure longevity and protection for pedestrians. To compliment the building the fencing was powder coated a custom colour, Metropolis Electric Cow.

Being involved in such an important project with so many inspiring individuals and companies has been a rewarding experience for the team here. Projects that have a degree of complexity like this one is what the team thrives on.