Play the angles: Get the right result with raking panels

New Zealand is undoubtedly a very hilly place and finding and installing fencing for steep inclines can be difficult. Thankfully our raking panels can rise to the challenge.

For both commercial and residential fencing some properties look like a ‘steep ask’ on first sight. Yes, stepped installation can work in some areas. But many locations require something more drastic.

Our raking panels provide plenty of leeway here. Fence posts can be plumb while the rails are mounted at an angle to follow parallel with the incline of the hill.

Thanks to this approach the overall gap between the bottom rail and the ground remains fairly consistent. The final result not only looks uniform but also ensures pets and small animals can’t easily make their way in or out.

With angles up to 30 degrees our ready-to-go fence panels can arrive on site and be up and doing the job quickly. Our range of stock with raking capability includes the Premier, the Secura, the Assure and the Assure HD – and all available for quick shipment.

Need to install a fence on sloped terrain with minimum fuss and maximum effectiveness? The raking panel is simply the best way to step up (and up).