Sustaining the vision at Weiti

Just 25 minutes north of Auckland, Weiti Bay will soon house a stunning new residential development. With the tranquillity of the bay and the beauty of the surrounding kauri trees and native bush here this location’s natural assets are considerable.

The developer has left nothing to chance when planning and designing the site’s construction, ensuring this work matches and supports the quality of the scenery on offer.

The Weiti Station Subdivision required fencing with an engineer’s PS1 rating, with a site-check by an engineer to make certain it could reach a PS4 certification. The civil contractor required the fencing quick-smart too, and our longstanding North Auckland fencing customer had to be sure of their stuff.

We recommended the Assure raking fence panel for the site, it’s ability to rake up to 30 degrees making this the perfect choice for following the contours of the walls.

We then created a unique fixing detail specific for this project and oversaw all the engineering work to ensure the final outcome was exactly as required. This result will fit well into the surrounding landscape while providing safety and functionality for the future generations to come.