We sadly had to farewell Ebony Stewart last month. Her next big adventure in life involves some exciting travel – a walk down the aisle followed by a big move to Australia.

After working at Urban Group for ten years Ebony’s departure has left a pretty big gap in our team.

She arrived here fresh out of school with a keenness to learn and an eye for detail. After working in administrative and accounts roles she moved into sales support and marketing, where she was responsible for a number of major projects, including overhauling our internal systems, implementing new software and overseeing major rebranding work.

With her wide knowledge base and methodical approach her work was always meticulous. However we’ll miss her warm nature and good-natured laughter as much as anything. And it’s safe to say our customers will also miss the friendly voice on the end of the phone that would get the result no matter what was required.

We wish her all the best – and hope she’ll be back for a visit soon!

Australia is calling!