Yes, much of what follows may seem like common sense. But it’s also easy for small details to have big consequences when it comes to cost and the long-term quality of any given fencing installation. Here are five things to get right before the first post arrives on site.

1) Check the small print – twice if necessary. It’s important to double-check any covenants or planning that may affect the type or height of the fencing for the address that you are looking to install on. Costly mistakes have been made in the past due to a rushed installation schedule and an important standard being missed.

2) Love thy neighbour (or at least like them enough to let them know what’s going on). If you’re working on a site in close quarters to the neighbours make sure you’re being considerate to them and their properties. Consider both the fencing design and the installation – and then do what you can to ensure neither negatively impacts their lives.

3) Remember the environment around the fence. Different types of materials react differently depending on the environment. If the fence is in a coastal area with high levels of salt in the air it’s important you select a more durable powder coating than what is standard.

4) Respect the boundary line. Always. Be sure that you have the correct boundary line marked out before you erect your fence. If you are unable to locate the boundary pegs/markers we recommend you get in touch with a surveyor. It’s just not worth it to take a guess.

5) Fail to plan and you’ll plan to… Ensure that you have accurately measured out your fence line and allowed for any inclines or corners. Having all the correct materials makes life so much easier on installation day.

Aluminium School Fencing Waimea Intermediate

Aluminium School Fencing Waimea Intermediate