Throwing the baby out with the bathwater, literally.

Every tried to hold a bucket of water above your head or had to shift an aquarium with the water still in it? It’s heavy, right? Now imagine the forces at play on the balcony of this DIY nightmare.

Online amateur engineers estimated there were over 2,000 kilos of water in the makeshift pool, one internet sleuth stating:

“Whether it stayed (in one piece) it’s hard to say… the design live load for a balcony like this is 60psf, which is equivalent to about a foot of water. The design railing load is 50 plf applied to the top of the rail, but I suspect it would take a couple feet of water to get an equivalent overturning moment at the base of the stanchion. All I’m saying is it’s not obvious (to me at least) where it’s going to fail first, but I’m pretty certain it would fail before he got the water to the top of that railing.”

Anyone else care to have a crack at the maths involved?