We are proud of our involvement in a design that has helped mark a turning point for medium density housing in this country. The Zavos Corner development on a small 564m² Mount Victoria corner site has picked up a slew of awards recently, recognising the fine balance it strikes between boldness and intimacy.


The citation for NZIA’s 2016 Sir Ian Athfield Award for Housing provides a strong comment on the direction New Zealand architecture must take to address the issues faced by our cities…

“Zavos Corner would be a welcome development at any time, but it is particularly gratifying when this country is in such need of quality multi-unit housing.”

Parsonson Architects designed the apartments to connect visually to the street as well as the central open area that anchors the arrangement. The building as a whole is intended to “read more as a village than a housing complex, creating a connection with the buildings and community of Mount Victoria”.

Pulling off such an audacious design within the constraints of a heritage area impressed judges of the 2016 Home of the Year Awards. As well as winning the Multi-unit Residential category, Zavos Corner notably took out 2016’s Home of the Year – a clear advocacy for innovative design in the medium density sector.


zavvos corner



“Architect and client are to be congratulated for so convincingly transcending the norms of medium-density housing and setting a benchmark for this type of building.” –NZIA




The NZIA also strongly endorsed the design with a number of Multi-unit and Interior Architecture awards. However the crowning achievement for the bold development is the prestigious Sir Ian Athfield Award for Housing.

This award commemorates the legacy and talent of the late Sir Ian, who had “a profound understanding of the ordering of domestic life.” With their innovative addition to the Mt Victoria cityscape, Parsonson Architects clearly share this understanding.