Sophisticated. Stylish. Stonefields.

The Auckland suburb of Stonefields represents a new approach to city living, and with it comes a focus on innovative design. Establishing the look and feel of a new community required careful consideration of how small details affected the overall aesthetic. So the exterior detailing on the award-winning Verto Apartments was particularly important.

Located within a large historic volcano site, Stonefields is a sheltered and leafy urban village offering residents a relaxed and social lifestyle. Open spaces and attractive streetscapes connect the dwellings, encouraging people to interact and get to know one another.

Given its proximity to the city and future-focused approach to growing a new community, it is arguably Auckland’s hottest suburb right now. As a result, the development has attracted some of the most exciting multi-unit house designs in New Zealand.

Sophisticated planning

The Verto Apartments are an example of the increasingly sophisticated architecture within the medium-density sector. They embrace all that is good about living in Auckland — cosmopolitan living alongside open, outdoor spaces and easy access to the beach. Designed by esteemed architects Warren & Mahoney, these apartments provide stylish yet easy living within the new urban village.  

With these strengths it is no wonder buyers didn’t sit on the fence come launch time. Intensely popular right from day one, 90% of the suites sold within the first two weeks.

The development also impressed the New Zealand Institute of Architects, recently scooping a Multi-unit Housing Award at the Auckland Architecture Awards. According to the citation, the informal social spaces “develop a sense of community and create a sense of ownership of the shared spaces beyond each individual apartment, a vital element to the success of apartment living”.

Fences to accentuate

Rather than acting as mere divisions, fencing was used in the design to extend open spaces. The health of a new community depends on opportunities for interaction – and we were called in to bring life to the vision.

Our custom fabricated button-top style fencing now provides a textural complement to the natural materials used in the construction and creates interesting shadow movements on the exterior.

Our low profile sliding entrance gates welcome guests and visitors alike.

We were proud to have partnered with Kalmar Construction and Get Group on Verto Apartments. It’s a great result for all!


Verto Apartments Fencing & Entrance Gates

Head Contractor:

Kalmar Constrution


Warren & Mahoney Architects



Completion Date:

October 2016