Big builds and balustrades

A massively engineered concrete apartment brought a unique set of challenges when it came to design and construction. We worked hard to overcome every single one of them.

The new apartment building on Abel Smith St in Wellington is certainly a high-profile project, especially as it sits next to a busy and bustling State Highway 1.

We supplied and installed a number of different products on this nine-floor build – external balustrades, internal stairwell screens and handrails, and external landscape fencing were all part of the brief.

In a couple of situations, we were able to suggest alternative solutions that were more favourable to both architect and client. For example, it was originally specified as having stainless steel wire balustrades. We offered a contemporary aluminium alternative in the Urban Forte style.

Internal screens were also specified as stainless steel wire mesh. We came up with an alternative design (this time it was perforated sheeting). The benefits of this approach were two-fold. The stairwell gained a modern industrial feel while the modular design proved to be quick and cost-effective to install.

As an added quirk of the build the installation of the stair balustrade was done afterhours. This was because, as the only means of access to all nine floors, the stairwell was off limits to installation work during normal work hours. Only when other contractors weren’t using this area in the weekend could the team get the work done.

Getting in early at the design stage meant we could fit the design to the budget. Ebert Construction had confidence in us and we did everything we could to show that confidence was well placed.


Able Smith Street Apartments

Head Contractor:

Ebert Construction


DLA Architects



Completion Date:

June 2016