It’s safe to say that powder coating is everywhere. From letterboxes to lawnmowers, gates to garage doors, there is a vast range of everyday outdoor items that use powder coating to ensure long-lasting attractiveness and protection against the elements.

While this form of colour coating is one of the most durable available, providing style and substance year after year, it still nonetheless requires some degree of regular maintenance. With this level of care you’ll not only extend the life of your aluminium products but also ensure specific warranty requirements are met.

Any maintenance programme needs to take into account the effects of ultraviolet light, general everyday pollution and the regular dirt and salt deposits that will accumulate on the product over time.

We recommend cleaning your aluminium products every three months. However you may need to do so with more regularity depending on the general environmental conditions surrounding them. A location by the sea should be cleaned more often, for example, as the salt air provides greater levels of deposits on the product. In industrial or geothermal areas a cleaning programme may need to be carried out every month or two.

The good news? It’s quick and easy to do. Here are the steps to follow…

1) Start by using a wet sponge to carefully remove any loose dirt
2) Then use a mild, diluted detergent in warm water and a soft, non-abrasive brush to remove the rest of the dirt, any dust, salt and other surface deposits. Please note: do not use solvents – instead use a pH-neutral liquid hand dishwashing detergent.
3) Finally, thoroughly rinse all surfaces with clean water. Ensure all soap residue is fully removed.

If you have any questions, we are here to help.