A fast no-fuss, all-class façade

Late in 2015 we were contacted by Mckee Fehl, who asked for the supply and installation of a 350m2 custom louvre façade. The deadline? January 2016. We promptly took up the challenge.

Our engineers had to design a façade that would give new life to an outdated commercial building on Vivian Street in Wellington. Modifications to the design (which ensured it could be modularised) allowed both a quicker pace in fabrication as well as on-site installation.

As the retail stores within the building remained open throughout construction scaffolding was not an option. The façade was therefore craned into position and installation work was carried out from elevated platforms. The large panels were bolted to a preinstalled steel structure and the job was completed within one week.

The façade was constructed from 100 x 50mm aluminium angles welded into 4000 x 1200mm panels which were then attached to the structural steel sub frame. Specific placement of the fins created both solar efficiencies while providing sun shading at the same time.


Vivian Street Façade

Head Contractor:

McKee Fehl


Interact Architects & Designers



Completion Date:

January 2016

Urban Group won the contract to retrofit aluminium louvres to the façade of 57 Vivian St, a tired and unattractive looking 80's commercial building. Their input was invaluable at every stage, from a thorough tender through to thoughtful tweaks to assist buildability. The client was most impressed with the quality and finish of the final product.

Will Broadmore, McKee Fehl Construction - Wellington