We keep the flag flying

When Parliament Services required a flag-raising platform for the roof of the Beehive we were happy to oblige, our work arriving onto what proved to be a challenging environment directly above the ‘Cabinet room’.

There was certainly an exciting buzz around this project when it first came across our desk. The construction necessitated a custom fabricated platform, and the design criteria specified the platform be made solely from aluminium. This meant special consideration was given to sizing to ensure the structure would handle the high wind zone and cyclic loadings.

When we first took on the work it was immediately apparent that the specified design and construction methods were not practically possible. Our in-house engineering team re-designed the structure so that connections were bolt fixed rather than site welded. Such changes also provided a considerable advantage when it came to installation.

Located above the executive wing, specifically the Cabinet room on the top floor, our on-site work hours were restricted – as was the noise. Thankfully our re-design ensured minimum time for assembly on site. So it was on a quiet Saturday morning that we employed a Titan Crane to hoist the platform 85m to its home on the roof of the Beehive, with little fuss at all.

Project Name:

Flagpole Platform for the Beehive

Head Contractor:



Urban Group



Completion Date:

March 2014