Going with the flow

Following the collapse of Mainzeal we were contacted to assist in the completion of the Kapiti Aquatic Centre. It was an exciting and unique development – and we were more than ready, willing and able to step in and help out.

Upon becoming involved in the project we were required to supply a huge amount of product. Aluminium cladding, parapet cappings and numerous oddly shaped and variously sized flashings were needed.

We also had to undertake extensive site measuring for custom folded flashings – a staggering 10,000 linear metres. This was all powder coated in-house with a made-to-order Duratec powder coat.

Becoming involved late in the piece with this project meant we certainly felt the pressure to get the work completed urgently. However with our in-house capabilities we managed to deliver the result with absolute confidence and calculated ease.


Kapiti Aquatic Centre Custom Aluminium Flashings

Head Contractor:

Mainzeal / PWC Receivers


ASC Architects



Completion Date:

December 2013

Having Urban Group come on board made the completion of the façade and waterproofing of this project painless. We were receiving flashings within five days of order which enabled other works to be fast tracked ahead of schedule

Don Gilles, ex Mainzeal - Wellington