Walk this way

In the early stages of the Te Takare Community Centre project we were contacted to assist with designing a custom aluminium walkway structure.

The original design of the walkway structure was a costly option involving heavy cantilevered glass. We supplied a cost-effective alternative that was lightweight and, importantly, designed to carefully match the cultural theme of the centre. The result was an impressive aluminium structure covered in a clear and waterproof fabric skin.

For the main feature of the building façade we supplied decorative sails fabricated from perforated aluminium sheet. Each spanning 2.4 metres high these feature sails also provided solar shading to the community centre.

Additionally we supplied the centre with aluminium flashings, aluminium garden fencing, glass fencing for the playground and a windbreak shelter for the bus stop.


Te Takare Community Centre Walkway Structure, Façade Sails, Flashings, Aluminium and Glass Fencing

Head Contractor

Canvasland Holdings Ltd / Crowe Construction


Design Group Stapleton Elliot



Completion Date:

January 2013

This fantastic project was a joint venture between ourselves and Urban Group, our combined skills allowed us to design, manufacture and install a shelter system, at a fraction of the cost of more recognised options. This light weight, waterproof fabric system is innovative and compliments the architect’s vision for the facility.

Brendan Duffy - Director, Canvasland