A+ results from our domework

We didn’t hesitate when asked to be involved in this out of the ordinary project. The challenge in this particular case was to design a durable, adaptable and beautiful structure to support a fifteen metre diameter inflatable dome.

The design needed to account for transportability and ease of assembly. With these key aspects in mind Urban Group used its engineering experience to design and fabricate an ideal aluminium truss. Manufactured in manageable components, the truss was easy to move and erect without any heavy lifting equipment.

Inside the PVC dome the truss is an exposed framework that contributes to the visual impact of the setting, as well as being used to carry audio and visual equipment. We also supplied the support frames for adjoining tunnels to smaller domes.

Given its large size, a steel ballast system is required to ensure the dome is fixed securely whenever it is assembled. Attached to each of the dome’s ten inflatable legs, 1.5 metre diameter ballasts, weighing 600 kg each, allow a wind rating of up to 54kph. This strength provides and peace of mind for organisers and punters alike.


Coca-Cola Support Structures

Head Contractor:

Canvasland Holdings Ltd


Urban Group



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