Putting the pedal to the metal

Being awarded the metalwork contract for this high quality apartment project allowed Urban Group to really showcase our rapid fabrication turnaround.

As the preferred metalwork supplier we were originally engaged to design, fabricate and install aluminium balustrades and car park feature louvre fins for these unique apartments. However when McKee Fehl needed expertise in flashings we were also asked for our services for a variety of roof and cladding solutions.

We therefore assisted McKee Fehl with designing compliant flashing solutions for weather proofing the façade. We would site-measure, and then because of our fast fabrication process, we could install just two to three days later. When completion dates were looming the speed with which we can work was certainly appreciated.


Forte Apartments Balustrades, Louvres and Flashings

Head Contractor:

McKee Fehl


Warren & Mahoney



Completion Date:

May 2012