Urban Group Care & Maintenance Program

For powder coated aluminium gate & fence products

To extend the life of your powder coated aluminium gates & fences, and to comply with Urban Group’s 5 year limited warranty, a simple, regular maintenance program needs to be implemented.

The effects of ultra violet light, atmospheric pollution, dirt, grim and airborne salt deposits can all accumulate over time and should be removed at regular intervals.

As a general rule cleaning should take place every six months. In areas where pollutants are more prevalent, such as beachfront houses and industrial or geothermal areas, then a cleaning program should be carried out on a more frequent basis i.e. every one to three months.

Three steps to cleaning your powder coated aluminium gates & fences.

  • Carefully remove any loose surface deposits with a wet sponge
  • Use a soft brush (non abrasive) and a mild household detergent (do not use solvents) in warm water, remove dust, salt and other deposits.
  • Rinse off with clean fresh water.

Restoring weathered or scratched surfaces:

If through some misadventure your powder coated aluminium gates & fences are scratched or damaged, don’t panic.

Powder coating repair kits are available in all colours. Spray cans make easy aesthetic repairs to scuffed or scratched powder coated surfaces while dabsticks are ideally suited for small scratches.